Daniel Woltz

Daniel received two heart transplants and a kidney transplant and is currently at Truman State University.

Lauren Kuhr

Lauren received two kidney transplants and attends Lourdes College.

I am so unbelievably grateful to The Larcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship Fund. They have made my dream of pursuing a college education a reality. Two years ago I was recovering from my second kidney transplant and had to withdraw from school which was the last thing I wanted. Now I am fully recovered and attending an amazing college working at my degree in English. My new college is a lot higher in tuition than my old one and this scholarship really helped ease the financial burden and let me concentrate fully on academics. Thank you again to The Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship Fund for creating this wonderful foundation and helping transplant patients.

Carissa Panek

Carissa received a heart transplant one year after the death of her older brother who himself had received a new heart.  She is currently attending Elmhurst College.

Steven Childers

Steven received a heart transplant and attends Paradise Valley Community College.

I am very grateful that you have given me this scholarship especially since I have received it two years in a row. This scholarship has really given me the boost I needed to pay for my education and the materials I was in need of. This Scholarship has really pushed me forward to achieving my goals and the career I would like to pursue and for that I really appreciate you giving me this gift

Melissa Clynes

Melissa received two kidney transplants and a heart  transplant and is currently attending Webster University.  

Lauren Ford

Lauren received a kidney transplant and attends Drexel University.


Lacey Wood

Lacey received a heart and kidney transplant.  Lacey attends DePaul University.

Rachel Holm

Rachel received a liver transplant and attends The University of Hartford.

Thank you so much for choosing me as a recipient of the Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship. It means a lot to me. I start my college career in a couple of weeks, and this scholarship will help with some expenses. I received a liver transplant when I was just 14 months old. Now 17 years later, I am planning on continuing my education so that I can help others who are struggling with disabilities. I have always enjoyed helping people and working with dogs. My personality and talents have led me to the natural career choice of working with therapy/service dogs and those who need their services. I have been involved in a local 4H club for 8 years. Being involved in the club has given me the opportunity to volunteer at an Assistance Dog Services training center. Through this opportunity, I became familiar with my future career. I am going to earn my degree in Business with a minor in Psychology. The combination of my experience with dogs and what I expect to learn earning my college degree will give me the necessary tools to create my own organization that raises puppies, trains the dogs and the clients to work together to enrich both the dogs and the human's lives. Because of my medical history, I am also familiar with "being the patient" which gives me the background necessary to relate to the clients. I look forward to creating a career I love by working with dogs and helping those who need assistance with everyday tasks. Thank you for providing me with this scholarship to ease the financial burden, so I can achieve my goals.

Kara Durfee

Kara Durfee

Kara received a heart transplant and attends Northeastern University.

My name is Kara and I am a third year nursing student at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I received my liver transplant 15 years ago on October 29, 1995. I am honored to be a recipient of The Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship. This scholarship has relieved my financial burden of my academic expenses and allowed me to focus on reaching my dream of becoming an organ transplant nurse, and eventually hopefully becoming a transplant coordinator. I am so grateful for being a recipient of The Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship.

Karlita Martin

Karlita received two liver transplants and attends  Hilbert College.

This scholarship is so unique. It has helped defray some of the expenses of my college tuition. Without scholarships like this, my family would not be able to support my sister and I through college. It has lessened the stress and pressure of my tuition payments for this year. I will graduate with a bachelors degree in Business Administration. Currently, my goal is to work in the executive department of Google Inc. I am expecting something great at the end of my journey. I extend a big thank you to the participants and sponsors for this year's Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship for making it possible for me and others like myself to have a chance at getting a higher education. This is just a stepping stone for my bright future. Once again, I thank you.

Kristin Molini

Kristin Molini received a multiviscerall (5 organ) transplant and attends Kaplan University.


Kayleigh Sechi

Kayleigh Sechi received a liver transplant and attends Mount Holyoke College.


Mackenzie Tannhauser

Mackenzie received a heart transplant and is attending Marquette University.

Maeve McMahon

Maeve received a liver transplant and attends Rochester Institute of Technology.

I received a living related liver transplant at 8 months of age in 1995, my mother was the donor. Although the road to recovery was bumpy, I have been in good health for over 8 years and look forward to attending Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall to pursue my passion for photography and writing through photojournalism program. I am confident that my talents combined with the skills I will learn at RIT will give me the opportunity to show the world to others through my photographs. I am extremely grateful to be a recipient of this scholarship. I cannot thank to Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship Fund for helping me reduce the financial burden that comes with a college education. 

Cierra Baxter

Cierra is a heart transplant recipient and is attending Michigan State University.


Dillon M. Gonzalez

Dillon M. Gonzalez received a double lung transplant.

Alexis Hazelton

13 years and counting!! Alexis is atttending the University of Delaware

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous scholarship offer on behalf of The Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship Fund. Please trust that the resources will be put to good use at the University of Delaware. I look forward to broadening my understanding of the Public Policy process as it relates to healthcare initiatives centered on organ donation. I hope to one day be a public advocate for the "Gift of Life" program and a source of strength for individuals and family members dealing with the organ donation process - all in the spirit of individuals like Marcena.

Katie Darnell

Katie received two kidney transplants and plans on going to medical school

Receiving this scholarship has meant a great deal to me. The tuition at the school I attend is very expensive and getting this scholarship helps relieve some of the financial burden that I have. Getting this scholarship will help me pursue my dreams of going to college and getting a degree. I had my first kidney transplant when I was twenty at the beginning of my junior year in college. Then I had my second kidney transplant six months after the first one, so I was not able to attend college until a year after I withdrew. After I graduate college, I plan to go to medical school so that I can someday help with giving other people transplants. I am very grateful to be chosen as a recipient of the Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship.

Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth received a heart transplant and attends High PointUniversity.


I am so grateful for the Marcena Lozano Donate Life Scholarship Fund for providing this great gift to me. With it, I will be able to continue my education at High Point University, a university where I will truly grow to become the best person I can be. This scholarship has made my dream to continue my education at High Point University a reality. I received my heart transplant at fourteen months old, and since then have had an extremely blessed life. Now, I want to help others who are also struggling with their health by pursuing a degree in biology and continuing into the medical field. Thank you so much for choosing me as a recipient of this scholarship, it has eased the financial burden on my family and me and has made such a difference in my future. Thank you!

Theresa Rainey

Theresa received a heart transplant and is currently attending California State University Sacramento

January 28, 2009 I received a heart transplant; four and a half years later I am finishing up the last of my schooling at California State University Sacramento. The financial burden of transplantation and recovery was a lot on my family and I. When I was ready to head back to school I worked two jobs to offset the cost of tuition, books etc. Foundations like the Marcena Lozano Scholarship Fund allow for some of that burden to be relieved. It is a truly amazing gesture and gives students like me a chance to focus all my attention to my studies. I will be graduating soon with a degree in Interior Design and an emphasis in interior architecture. I cannot thank Marcena’s Miracles enough for this gift and only hope that one day I can participate in helping students like myself achieve their goals.

Jennifer Gilbert

Jennifer received two kidney transplants and attends the University of Maryland-Baltimore County.

My name is Jennifer Gilbert. I have had 2 kidney transplants along with many other surgeries relating to the transplants, in June 1998 (the day before my 13th birthday, what a birthday gift!) and again January 2009. The first transplant was from my dad and the second from my aunt. My aunt and I made medical history in January 2009. They extracted her kidney vaginally and transplanted into me (normally). They had extracted the kidney vaginally in research, but never transplanted it into a living human being. This was the first time they had ever transplanted it into a living human. I will be attending University of Maryland-Baltimore County beginning January 2013 with hopes to graduate in December 2014 with a BA degree in Health Administration and Public Policy along with a certificate in Public Administration and Policy. I also couldn't help to notice that Marcena and my father share the same birth date of February 7th. I found that very interesting. I want to thank you again for your help, support, courage, dedication and everything you and this organization does for students like myself to be able to have a little bit of relief from the stress of how to afford receiving a higher education,